It is starting to get a little colder here in Chicago and I told my Girlfriend I would knit her a scarf. She is pretty excited about it and I want to really impress her with a cool pattern.... The trouble is, I need to get it done pretty soon because she is leaving for France in about a week... anyone know of a really cool looking scarf pattern that would be a fairly quick knit?


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You said quick, and it looks better IRL than in the picture.

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Hey, didn't see you were in Chicagoland, there.

I'm in the far west burbs, but it may be worth a trip out on the Union Pacific West line because we have an AMAZING LYS out here in Geneva. That and laser tag.

Give it a thought.

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I would suggest a simple scarf but with a fancy yarn and giant needles.


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THanks everyone,
I started A half knitted, half croched scarf with fallish colors. I thought it looked pretty own pattern too......

Things didnt go too well before she left and we broke up over the phone on Monday.......................................SHIT

SO, not sure If I'm gonna finish this one.......
Maybe in a couple weeks I'll pick it up again.....

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hi i'm 5'6 med bld 180 wt love to work out and knit when i want to relax.. new at this site,, and learning alot

hi i'm 5'6 med bld 180 wt love to work out and knit went i want to relax..