Help: Habitat Hat

I'll admit from the get-go, I'm an instant gratification sort of guy. I'm great at starting projects, not so great about following through with them (hence I'm way behind on my doctoral thesis - that's a different story though.) The help I'm needing is what a pattern by Brooklyntweed called Habitat. I've e-mailed him about it, and I'm sure he'll respond but, well... I'm impatient and wondered if someone else maybe had the pattern and figured it out.

My problem is Row 21. It's a movement row (i.e. the start of the row moves over two stitches). The problem is, the repeated pattern in the row is only 22 stitches long (instead of the normal 24). If I use the row as written, I'll end up 10 stitches short (8 after moving the beginning of the next row).

I'm convinced I need 2 more stitches. I'm guessing I need 2 Knits at the end of the pattern, but frankly I've redone so much of this hat I've decided to wait until I know before I start the row.

Any help? Please?!

By the way - It's an AWESOME pattern. Totally fun... Really great cables.

Grace and Peace,


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you basically just knit the knits, purl the purls and move all the stitch markers two to the right.
So after the first repeat you actually have four knits at the beginning of each repeat instead of 2.
I got stuck there too. Same thing in the following rows where you move stitch markers if it comes up (I can't remember if it does or not).

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Good evening TIm. I just finished the Habitat and the pattern is written correctly. Not sure what you did but my suggestion to you is to use ring markers to delineate the pattern repeats. I use a different colored ring marker to indicate the start of the round. On row 21 you are correct that the round shifts. AND the ring markers, separating the pattern repeats have to shift to the right two in reality you will repeat the slip two stitches from the left hand needle to the right hand needle, remove the marker, slip the two stitches back to the left hand needle, replace the ring marker and start the pattern repeat............hope this makes sense to you. I agree its another great hat pattern. Have you tried Jared's Koolhaus Hat. Its a great hat and fun and fast to knit. I've done 6 of them so far and have given them as gifts........Good luck with the Habitat...........keep knitting.


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had another thought.........remember that the grafting of the pattern shows 26 blocks per row.....the pattern is only 24 stitches (blocks) remember that the shaded blocks are not part of the pattern...........

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btw I'd love to know what Jared says! That part confused me so much too.

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I just finished the Habitat hat over the weekend, and I just added two knit stitches at the end of the repeat each time, always making sure that I knit the knit stitches from the previous row, and purled the purl stitches from the previous row. The repeat ended up being 4 knit, 4 purl all the way around the hat.

It worked for me, anyway!

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I finished the hat!

Ended up simply adding 2 knit stitches to the end of the chart in row 21 (on EACH repeat). Worked out great.

Thanks for all the help!

Grace and Peace,