It's so EZ

One of the EZ lists is working on the Ribwarmer KAL, and since I always liked the design of it, and needing some sort of mindless knitting to do, I joined in.

They start by doing the small teddy bear warmer, to get a feel for how the pattern works. It does look completely wonky when you read through it, as do all of her patterns. But you need faith!

So here is the first part of it. All in garter stitch, and short row. This was a good way to try out different ways of doing short rows, with wraps or not, and how to pick them up again. I think I found the one I like. This will be ripped out eventually – my very first thing I will rip out! – but I’m calling this a sample, so it is not meant to last for long! Haha

Okay, this is the front (it can be left or right… they are both the same!):


ronhuber's picture

I have the pattern but would be interested in doing the KAL. Which list is on or am I too late. Great choice of colour.