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Thought I would say hello to everyone, I have been reading MWK for about six months now and thought it was about time I actually joined the community. I have been knitting for about a year and a half, had a girlfriend tell me to make her something for her birthday...had already made her a jewlery box and went wandering thru the craft store looking for something else to do and found knitting. I havent stopped since then...though for six months of that time I have been working 60-100 hrs per week. (yeah, my job is hell some times.) Other things about me:

Age: 24
Location: Corvallis, OR
Occupation: Student
Beer: Anything Wheat, McMenamins preferably.
Knitting history: I have made about 10 scarves, all of different kinds, all completely unique. I could never make up my mind on the pattern...so they changed a bit from start to finish. I made one sock, and might one day make the other. I just went to a knitting/crochet expo in Portland and got tons more sock weight yarn that I will hope to make into socks someday. I do data entry day all day, so knitting sometimes takes the backseat to tired hands. I have always loved multi-colored knits (though I mainly wear solid colors,) so I just made my first hat, and am working on a second, both with Fair Isle Patterns. I have started and ripped out a sweater about four times, it just was taking too long...so now I am going to do one in worsted weight, rather than whatever weight goes with size threes. The girlfriend dumped me recently so I am stuck on what to work on next, as I have no one to knit for anymore. Most of my friends knit, and I am teaching those that do not. Here are some of my projects. http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrew_niehus/
Other Hobbies: When I am not working, or pretending to care about college, I am a very active ballroom dancer, a former World of Warcraft addict, avid reader, and have a small obsession with fish (I only have 5 tanks.)

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Welcome to the group, Andrew. I see that you have already been afflicted by the proverbial 'Single Sock Syndrome', a common malady among knitters. Some recover, some never do. One solution for it is to cultivate friends who are amputees. Gread hat, btw.



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We should start a group for former WoW Addicts who now knit. I took up knitting specifically to quit video games. Amen brotha

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Welcome Andrew. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff cause that hat is great!

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Welcome to MWK Andrew! I agree with the others, the hat is beautiful. Looking forward to hearing more from you.



Welcome Andrew! Love the hat.

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Welcome to MWK! Salt water or freshwater tropical?

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I have Freshwater fish right now, I have three 10 gallon tanks, a 20 gallon tank...and just actually bought a 30 gallon tank from what turned out to be a meth house.