Men's Fall Knitting Retreat - Class Listing (Final Post on MWK)

Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2008 - CLASSES AND INTEREST UPDATE

Hallo Everybody,

Here’s the list of classes/demos on offer and the respondents so far:

Classes (Teachers) - Interested
Drop Spindling (Michael W.) - Chuck, David, Krystopher, John S.
Socks/Design/Cables (Stephen) - Andy, Joe, John S.
Freeform Knitting (Kyle) - Michael, Andy, Steve, Ivar, Joe
Entrelac/Short Rows/K BackBw (Brian) - Andy, Steve, Chuck
Intro to Crochet/Granny Squares (Doug) - Michael
Twined Knitted (Ivar) - Michael, Kyle, Andy, Steve, Chuck, David
Men’s E-Zine (Darrel) - Michael, Andy, Ivar, Joe
Mosaic Knitting (Harry) - Michael, David, John S.
Magic Loop (David) - Ivar
Cabling Without a Needle (Krystopher) - Joe

If you haven’t yet responded with your class interest, please do so now so that we can determine if a class/demo should be done and its timing. I’ll update that listing here. Thanks!!!

BTW, it’s becoming a bit too much work for me to continue to cross post on MWK. After this post, I will only be posting on Ravelry. Please check out the discussion at the following link:

And if you need to reach me via email, that address is mikealanwade (at) gmail (dot) com. THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST!

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*sigh* If only I could make it. I'll expect a full report from each attendee, at least.

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How frackin' cute are you and David????