Finished afghan

I finally have the afghan finished that I am doing for a fund raising auction, in November. I wanted to share the project with all of you.

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That is absolutely gorgeous, I'm sure it will be a real hit at the auction.



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wow...that is brilliant! I love the edging, too! It really looks great, I hope the auction goes well and the charity should be thrilled to have something so beautiful to auction off.

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What a success your afghan is. It is so beautiful. Great knitting.

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Great job!

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Thanks everyone for the kind comments. I really appreciate your input.

This is absolutely fabulous. Have you got details of yarn, needles and time taken? Good luck with your auction.

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I really like the border! Did you knit it separately?

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That is really pretty. What are the dimensions of it?



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What a beautiful afghan. I hope it goes for lots of money for your auction. I'm sure whomever the highest bidder is will truly enjoy it.