RAM Sock Club

Have anyone had any experience with this Sock Club?



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Hi Andy,
I have not heard of the club. However I did go look at the web site. What struck me as strange was that it is supposedly a club for men knitters or people who knit for men, yet all the patterns (when I clicked on patterns) were for women.

Let me know what you find out and decide and then how it goes.

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I've been a member of the club for this series and, probably won't rejoin for the next series. HOWEVER, it isn't because I haven't liked it. The yarn (the first one anyhow, the second one hasn't arrived yet) was wonderful and the pattern seemed good too (although I haven't knit it up yet.) As a whole, the Unique Sheep isn't just a "men's" site, although the Ram's Club is intended to provide men's sock stuff. Specifically, (1) colors are intended to be male-friendly, (2) the patterns are intended to be male-friendly, and (3) perhaps more importantly than the first two points, the yarn comes in larger batches to ensure that if you're making men's socks you don't run out 2/3ds of the way through the second sock.

My reason for not rejoining for the second series is purely practical. I haven't knit up the first batch yet and the price (though reasonable for a club like that) is more than I should pay on a whim for something I don't need). I have been happy with the quality and quantity of the yarn and pattern so far.

Grace and Peace,