'Tis the season

Well...I'm beginning to think about Christmas gifts to the people I don't want to spend much on (either time or money)...so how about a bookmark? Yes, it's beaded - but the beads are small - won't damage the book!

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This is beautiful - and you have solved my time/money problem as well. Thank you.

Nice job. Were did you get the pattern or did you design it yourself?

OK, so I'm looking at the blog from the home page, and I'm thinking, he said he didn't want to spend much money... a leaf for Christmas... novel, or it's there for inspiration, then I realized it was knit. LOL I thought it was real! I don't know when it dawned on me it was knitted, the thought sort of creeped in. Great Job! I love stuff like this, especially bookmarks. So, seed beeds & 10# thread? Just a guess, like someone else said, where's the pattern, or did you do it yourself? I love it as a small, and maybe fairly quick Christmas gift idea. Let us know.


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I Love it! How cool. Where did you find the pattern?

Very, very nice and economical too.

Banjo Lee Jones