Basket weave

Here's my latest creation, another dishcloth.  I really like this pattern, and it's so easy: knit 5, purl 5!  I think I shall try the next one with smaller squares (knit 3, purl 3) and see what develops... keep your needles crossed for me.



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I like this pattern, too.  I just started to knit a jumper in a similar basket weave pattern in 3 -5 repeat.  It's easy and fun except when increasing for the arms and having to work it correctly into the pattern.  BTW: did you make this in an acrylic yarn or cotton?

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It's cotton yarn - Lily "Sugar 'n Cream", available at Wal Mart.   I really like the finished product, but I gotta say that it doesn't slide on the needles as well as some other yarns.

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Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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I've heard this referred to as box stitch as well.  I have a blanket pattern that I started but never finished, and some of the panels were done in the 5 x 5 stitch.  The others were the moss/seed stitch.  I have a sh*tload of acrylic in two colors that I still plan to use.  I intend to use it on my couch which means it will also be used by dogs, thus the easily washed acrylic.

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I've knit this one too, with cotton, in 3/3 pattern.  I used one whole ball of Bernat Handicrafter cotton, to see how much I can get out of the ball.  It's a good size.  It is cotton, so don't expect it to feel the same as wool!  It's just cotton -- what can you say!  But the pattern is not square, and I keep wondering how I would make those squares square, whenever I am looking at the cloth, which sits in the bathroom.  I know that stocking stitch is said to be square with 5 st by 7 rows.  So maybe 3x4? would work.  I'll try it out on the next one!