need help decreaing

Ok, so I got some nice color changing yarn and I am making my first scarf. When I started things were great and the colors were nicely distributed, and looked random. Then I made a mistake and did some fancy stitching (the best I could) to tighten up and remove the hole (looks good if you ask me). But as a result I added only 2 to 4 stitches. This is not such as big deal width wise as it is barely noticeable.
My problem is I think now I have a perfect number of stitches for the color changes, so now colors are lining up to nice and neat. So I want to do a decrease and remove 2 to 3 stitches to try and get it random again.
How do I do this?

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INsert your needle as if to knit, but insert it into the SECOND stitch on the left needle, and go through the first stich as well in the same direction.

Wrap the yarn and pull through both the stitches.

slip the stitches off the left needle.

You have just knit two together. abreviation is normally k2tog.

If you are purling, it is much the same. Insert needle as if to purl, through TWO stitches, wrap, pull yarn through, slip both stitches off the left needle.


there are videos on that will help you visualize it if you have trouble.


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thanks. I look at those videos all the time. They are great and I have learned a ton from them. I did the decrease, actually 2 of them, but did them on different rows. I was easy, you can't see them, and now my pattern has gone back to random. I also watched the increase and that doesn't seem to difficult either. I might wait a few rows and add them back in to go back to the other pattern. I looks good both ways, and the extra stitch or 2 is not really noticeable on the width.

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Look at this! Already designing!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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That's the thing with space-dyed yarn....It's nothing you've done's just that the colour changes happen at regular intervals, and when you change the width of the knitting, such as you're doing with the decreases, you are changing where those colours fall within the row...In this case, it went from random to patterned because the width of the knitting more closely matches how the colours are spaced when the yarn was dyed.

Possible solutions: knit out of two different skeins of the same yarn, doing one each row or everyother row. What I do if I can, is divide the project between two different dye lots of the same yarn, in hopes that the colour spacing is different in each.

Or when you knit something, take into account this tendency of the colour shift and make it work for you: When you get more advanced, there is a way of knitting a hat sideways~from brim to crown, that works especially well with this kind of yarn. It requires short rows, which are a little more advanced technique.