What's In Your Knitting Bag?

What kind of knitting bag do you carry...and what do you carry in it?


I'll go first:


I have a black microfiber bag with  blue "J" embroidered on it.  I also sometimes carry a LL Bean boat and tote.  What's in my bag....


About 42 pair of half glasses to include 1 pair of half sunglasses.

A highlighter

Various pens and pencils


measuring tape

small multi color floral bag that was my mom's for my do-dads which include, needles, needle sizer, stitch holders,  cable needle, folding scissors.

current project and various patterns and articles sorted and filed in file folders

my business cards


assorted matchbox cars (my son's)

"Knitting Lessons" by Lela Natgi *in case I want to read)

 breath mints or gum

 the latest copy of Runner's World

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I'm afraid to put this in writing, but I'll try anyway.  Fun question!

I carry a Timbuk2 custom messenger in greeen and silver that I am in love with.  In each of its 3 larger inside sections is yarn, needles, and patterns for 3 projects in various states of completion, as well as the last issue of Knit.1 stuffed in.  In the large zippered side component, I keep my Denise kit and Addis in their handy dandy ziplocs and the DPNs, pen, pencil, and different colored highlighters.  In the smaller pocket are the notions: yarn cutter, 2 cases of markers, finishing needles, blocking pins, measuring tape, stitch holders, and a ziploc bag with all my yarn tags.  In the outside pocket, I have a tin of the Blue Sky Alpaca's Knitter's Little Helper balm (which is freakin awesome, btw) and Burt's Bees honey lip balm.  I think that's it.... Not so bad after all, I guess, except for the 3 projects part. ;)

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My backpack that I lug back and forth to work doubles as my knitting bag whenever I need to bring it somewhere.  The large compartment where I would normally carry my day's supply of food for my workday holds whatever project I'm bringing with me (including needles), the pattern and/or book, a tape measure, whatever other notions I may need while I'm out with my knitting (markers, holders, crochet hook, etc.) an extra skein of yarn if I plan on finishing the one attached to the project/needles, and maybe a couple of different skeins of yarn if I recently bought something cool that I want to show at my weekly knitting group.  I may also bring a small recently completed project or two if I want to show those too.  The front compartment on my bag holds the usual keys, wallet, cell phone, PDA (which has some cool kntting reference/database software which I will post a review of soon), iPod, lip balm, hand cream, pens, sunglasses, gum, checkbook, etc.  You know, the usual purse/murse items!

Since most of my knitting is done at home, I have a closet in my home office with plastic storage drawers that hold my needles, yarn labels, balls of remnants, and some whole odball skeins.  All the other yarn is pretty much still in the bag that I brought it home from the store in and packed in the closet along with everything else that needs to be stored in there (wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, board games, some blankets and pillows, and some spare electronic parts). 

My commute is only three stops on the train, so I don't usually carry my knitting around with me.  When I do take a project along, I just stuff it into my messenger bag along with my books, umbrella, telephone and other "stuff".  I recently decided that I needed a plastic storage box to hold my needles, scissors, crochet hooks, measuring tape, markers, etc.  I was having no luck finding something appropriate until I looked in the fishing aisle at a sporting goods store where I discovered a sturdy box with secure latches and adjustable compartments in just the right size to hold all my small tools.

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i use a brick mason's tool bag for my knitting gear.  it has a steel reinforced mouth and there are still reinforcing brackets at the "floor" of the bag and it has tons of pockets....i got it at Homo Depot for ca. $24.00.  crochet hooks are in this "so gay" little needle purse thing i found at Hobby Lobby and the needles (*str8*) are in this long iMac inspired needle case i found at a Hancock Fabric store.  the book bag i lug is my roving office with my stash of office supplies, address book, and other crap that i can't convince myself to live without.(*beano, rolaids,sani-wipes,cellphone, seed catalogs, and my gun*)

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I have an Eddie Bauer blue nylon bag which I use for my knitting unless the project gets too large and then I switch to a larger version.  In addition to my knitting, I have a small flashlight, an extra pair of eye glasses,  nail clippers, some change and a couple of taxi vouchers.

I have an obsession about keeping order and having my tools readily accessible in one place.  If I ever had to evacuate, I won't be leaving without my knitting! My needles are all organised in quilted fabric holders and organised.  All my patterns are in plastic sleeve protecters in 3-ring binders. 

My tool kit that goes along with my knitting is a wonderful tri-fold organiser made of quilted fabric.  It measures 26 cm x 40 cm when fully opened and has 5 different sized clear plastic pockets with zuppers.  It closes securely with a velcro fastener.  In it I have: my favourite yarn bobbins, a WPI tool, a needle size gauge, darning needles, a couple of crochet hooks for the dropped stitch, some  single DPN's of various sizes for emergency repairs, cable needles,  the Cat Bordhi recommended dental tool (if you don't have one of these, get one!), scissors, a couple of row counters, stitch markers of different sizes, safety pins and a tape measure.  Most of my accessories are vintage items that I've bought along the way.

Thanks for asking!

I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

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Okay.  What is this dental tool you speak of???  I have never heard of this.  More information please.  I love useful knitting gadgets!


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The dentist tool is available at patternworks.com under notions.  It has a small (size 3?) crochet hook on one end and a blunt pointy end at the other (which makes it look like something from your dentist's office).  I first read about them in Cat Bordhi's book  "A Treasury of Magical Knitting".  This is a very useful wee tool to have on hand.  I just had to rip back about 20 rows of one stitch to get to an offending out-of-pattern stitch.  The 'dentist' end was so useful in separating the tiny fibers that were caught in each other from the knitting and also assisted to straighten up and catch the last stitch.  I used this end quite a bit during this exercise as I'm all thumbs with a crochet hook!  I have used the tool before for dropped stitches and I find that the size of the crochet end works for the yarn sizes I customarily use.  The dental end is also good for helping to untie knots that sometimes magically appear.  The tool is very inexpensive and worth the purchase.  It's nothing fancy but very practical.


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Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly