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Just thought I would post my first entry on this site. I have finished a pair of socks for myself and am currently working on another pair. Now the interesting part of this story it that I have started on the new pair of socks without my knitting guru sitting by my side, I have even done the heel flap and have now turned the heel without my knitting guru. She tells me "job well done". I am quite proud of myself! I just read the directions and did as it said to do, now that dosen't seem so hard, but I am glad to hav eread the pattern and done it without my knitting guru. Anyway, when I get a picture I will post it. Have a gret day guys and keep on knitting


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It sounds like you've begun to understand the science of knitting which means that you can look at the pattern and your work-in-progress and know what's happening on your needles.  When this realization occured for me, it was a major event in my knitting practice.  I can now get an idea of what a garment will look like just from reading the pattern (like cooks can tell a dish from reading the recipe).  I can correct my mistakes more easily and am less dependent on reading the pattern for every row of a repeat design.  Congratulations on coming so far in such a short time!  I look forward to seeing the pics! 


I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

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