Doctor Who Pattern Book

I acquired this treasure for $1 at the Schenectady Public Library's semi-annual used book sale this morning. Originally published in 1984, it contains a number of knit and sewn garments, objects and toys (see the contents page). The white v-neck in the links below is really quite nice.  But I think I'm going to knit a K-9 toy!!!

Here's some other pics.  You may have to copy and paste the text into your browser.


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I love the vintage patterns.  But, pardon my ignorance, who is Dr Who? 

I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

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It's a BBC sci-fi series dating back to the 60's and probably the longest running sci-fi series on television.  The Doctor is a timelord, travelling through time and space in a "ship" (the Tardis) disguised as a police call box.  It's quite campy and fun, and the older episodes are known for their remarkably low budget and production values.  The are newer episodes which are currently airing on the Sci-Fi channel here in the US.

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Oooh...That noise you just heard was the rush of air from the collective gasp of all the sci-fi geeks in the room.

"Who is Dr. Who?!"  Only the longest running sci-fi series on television (since 1963).  The series went off the air in 89, I think (there was a new series in 2005).  It was a BBC program with the Doctor, a time machine, a pretty girl, all manner of villian, lots-o-cheese, and everyone loved it.

Of interest to knitters is the enormous striped scarf worn by Tom Baker who played the title role from 1974 to 1981.  It varied in length during his tenure as the doctor, growing at one point to 24 feet!

Here's a website that has patterns for the different iterations of the  scarf: 

And here is a fan site dedicated specifically to  the  scarf:

Thanks so much. I grew up watching Dr who. It was my favourite show, well one of them, Blue Peter was another as well as The Magic Roundabout.

I've always wanted a Dr Who scarf, thanks to you I can! 

Knit away, knit away

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*gasp* How can you possibly not know who Dr. Who is? I'm shocked. flabbergasted.


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Too bad the movie isn't online anymore. I checked out the photos and got my knitting kit out. I forgot how relaxing this activity was. Thanks for making me want to do it again.
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