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I have a question for all of you. I am making a Rib Warmer from EZ's Knitting Workshop for my mother as a Christmas gift. I want to put and I-Cord border on it once it is all together. My question is do I use the same size needle for the I-Cord as I am using for the rib warmer itself, which is in garter stitch or should I use a smaller size needle?

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog My personal experience is that when I use the I-Cord with the same size needles it comes out very nice, smaller needles make it a little curvy, large may be very relaxed.

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I haven't done many I-cords, but I'd agree with Andy - I usually see them using the same size needles.

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I-cord can get too tight. I use the same size needle which I used for the body of the garment. You can change the size of the i-cord with the number of stitches you cast-on for making it. Andy is correct in his posting here.

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Thanks for the information guys. I knew someone here would be able to point me in the right direction.