NO on 8 !

there is a "yes on 8" ad running on the left side of the page!!! could you let them do that???'s pure discrimination...and politics doesn't belong here!!!
(Prop 8 is the anti same sex marriage initiative running in California...heavily funded by out of state Mormon and religious right money)
I'm TERRIBLY OFFENDED to find it here !!!


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About the only thing he could do would be to suspend all advertising until after the voting.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I saw the same thing on Crochetville, I protest political advertising , I guess I will not be logging into this website until after the election or next week!

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You see the ads? I guess I am of the generation that looks thru ads without even seeing them. My favorite ads though have to be for dating sites on Facebook. Top ad: "Need a girlfriend?"; Bottom Ad: "Find Gay Men!"....I had to laugh.

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Tunnel vision helps when using the net. I never read the adverts. Once I know which portion of the screen holds the information I'm seeking that’s all I look for. It comes a bit of a shock after a while when someone draws my attention to the fact there are adverts at all.