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Ok, so maybe I'm crazy, who cares. The only way to learn and get better is to challenge myself right? I have already done a scarf, 1 hat in the round (all knit), 1 hat using so circulars with both 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 ribbing in it. I can do some deceases, and some increases and can also cast on using both the long tail and a knit method (don't know the name of it). So, I want to try a sweater. I found one listed as beginner, and the pattern seems easy enough. I just don't understand some of the instructions. So I need some help
Sorry this is so long of a post, but I really want to try this.

Here is the pattern. This part is a piece of cake for me.
Rows 1 & 3 (RS) : K.
Rows 2 & 4: P.
Rows 5 & 6: K.
Rows 7 & 9: K.
Rows 8 & 10: P.
Rows 11-16: K.
Rep Rows 1-16 for Stripe Pat.

With straight ndls, cast on 99 (108, 113) sts. Work in garter st (k every row) for 8 rows. Row 1 (RS) : K 5, place marker, k 89 (98, 103), place marker, k 5. Keep 5 sts at each edge outside markers in garter st for slit edges and cont in Stripe Pat on sts between markers for approx 5", ending on pat Row 16. Slit edge is completed; therefore, remove markers. Cont in Stripe Pat on all sts until 27 (28, 28)" from beg. Bind off all sts.

1 - cast on 99, then garter for 8 rows? Does that mean 9 total? 1 for the cast on, and then 8 more? So when I start with the next instruction that would be row 10? And since that is listed as RS, then every even row for me would be the RS right?
2 - the whole thing with the marker, is that just to help keep 5 stitches at each end for knit only and not using the pattern? or is there something else I need to do around those markers?

Work as for back until 24 (25, 25)" from beg, end WS.
Shape neck: Next row (RS) : Keeping to Stripe Pat, work 44 (48, 50) sts, attach new skein of yarn, work center 11 (12, 13) sts and place on holder, work rem 44 (48, 50) sts. Working both sides at the same time with separate skeins of yarn, at each neck edge bind off 3 sts 2 times, 2 sts 3 (4, 4) times and 1 st 2 times. Work even in Stripe Pat until front meas same as back to shoulders. Bind off rem 30 (32, 34) sts each side.

1 - on the neck, I do 44 stitches with the current yarn (place a marker) and then add a new yarn for 11 stitches, place a marker. Then for the next 44 stitches I continue with that new yarn, or do I add a third one?
2 - work both sides at the same time, what does that mean? Does it mean just switch to the other yarn when I get to it as I work across the row?
3 - When it says at each neck edge to bind off, I do those on the outside of the marker not the inside right (those 11 stitches between the markers).
4 - Do I continue the rest using the 2 (or 3) yarns, or a certain point am I merging back to one?

SLEEVES: - Not a problem, I'm just surprised that the sleeves are not done in the round.
With straight ndls, cast on 39 (39, 41) sts. Beg with Row 1 work in Stripe Pat inc 1 st each end every 5 rows 20 (21, 21) times, then every 4 rows 10 (11, 12) times-99 (103, 107) sts. Cont even in Stripe Pat until sleeve meas 20 (21, 21)" from beg. Bind off.

Sew front and back at shoulders.
Neckband: With RS facing and circular ndl, pick up and k 105 (109, 113) sts around neck edge including sts on holders. P 1 rnd. K 1 rnd. P 1 rnd.

1 - What do they mean by pick up and k 105? How do I pick up?

Dec Rnd: K 1 (3, 5), *k2tog, k 8; rep from *, end last rep k 2 (4, 6)-94 (98, 102) sts. P 1 rnd. K 1 rnd. Bind off as to p. Mark front and back side edges 11 (111/2, 12)" down from shoulder seams for sleeve placement. Sew sleeves between markers; then sew sleeve seams. Sew side seams leaving 5" slit open at lower edge.

Here I am not sure on the seaming and stuff, but I can worry about that when I get to it, plus I can get help from the person who taught me to knit.

The only other odd thing is in the list of materials, it says you need a pair of straight needles and a pair of circular. When do you use the circular?

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They specify the circular for the pickup and knit part of the neckband.

I think there is a video on that will explain pickup and knit better then I can in words.

(why I am answering in reverse order I don't know)

Once you divide the front for the neck you work with the two yarns up to the bind off for the shoulders.


2) yes. YOur work will be divided, so you knit one side using the one strand of yarn, skip over the gap and knit the other side using the 2nd strand. You could work one side up to the shoulder and then go back and work the other side, but working them together your tension etc is more likely to be even on both sides.

1) correct. no need for a third strand.

Andreaching your first couple of questions:

2.) correct - this set of markers is just to show those 5 border stitches on each side.

1) Your interpretation and mine agree.

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Thanks, but I am still confused on the neck.
It has me doing 44 stitches, adding new yarn, doing 11, marking and doing another 44. That would total 99.
On the first pass of binging off it binds off 14 stitches (each side of the neck), bringing the 44 down to 30.
But then it says at the end to bind off the remaining 30 stitches on each side. Does this mean I don't bind off the 11 stitches in the middle? Do I still have those on the needle now? So this is then for the neck with the pick up and 105 stitches?

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Wait, I think I might have gotten this.
I start with 99 stitches. Then on a my next row, I do 44 of them, get new yarn, do 11, mark, then do the remaining 44. At this point on the way back I stop at the 44 mark for that yarn, and then pick up the remaining 44. I don't touch those 11 in the middle. When I do the decreases of the 44, I will wind up with 30 on each side and those are the top of the shoulders. Is this right? It was those 11 in the middle that I wasn't making sense, but it does if I stop.

Then I sew the front and back together and I will have the neck hole. I know there will 71 in front (30+30+11) and then some from the back. Using the circulars I pick up 105 of these going all the way around. And then p1 row, knit 1, and then p1, an then do the decrease.

If I am right, I got this, and I know I can do it. sweater, here I come!

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You have it! I'm not sure your NUMBERS are correct, but you have the general idea.

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