MUST HAVE!!! "Jane Ellison" Queensland Collection BOOK #9

I went to my LYS today. I found this REALLY GREAT Fall Men Knitting pattern book #9 from Queensland Collection by Jane Ellison. In my opinion, this is one of BEST men's knitting pattern ever published. Such as other pattern books, it's stylish, wearable and hip- styles. The Jane Ellison did really great job on this men's pattern.


I heard she is doing another NEW men's Spring pattern coming 2009. Can't wait two see next spring coming up.



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the patterns in this boo are absolutely fabulous!!!! i must have it (although i'll probably never knit the sweaters) JUST TO HAVE IT and admire the patterns :P
Change your thoughts; change your world.

Change your thoughts; change your world.

eyedoc's picture

I agree! In fact, I just ordered it from Amazon!!


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Arrrggghhhh...can you get me a copy, please? I'll PayPal you the money. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeasssse? :-)

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You can purchase the book here: for $18.00 and they ship internationally (min ship charge is $13).



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Sadly, I don't have a CC...if they would just accept PayPal. :-(

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oh my gosh... it's the men's pattern book i've always wanted. cute, fitted, fashionable knits. finally!

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Looks like a wonderful book. Love the simple hat, "Raymond". Amazing patterns. Beautiful men.

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I bought it and my excitement remains. It's so great to see a book full of things I'd wear. There were supposedly two at Imagiknit... I bought one and they took my number in case they find the other one. If I get the second copy, maybe we'll have a little contest or something!


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I saw this at my LYS this past weekend and it is EVERYTHING you have wanted in a men's pattern book. I am a bit worried that the patterns won't be as flattering on less-than-perfect bodies, but it's a wonderful book. I'll be getting mine soon!


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I just got this book, and I agree with everyone...all the patterns in this book are amazing and items I would actually wear! Thanks Charles for letting us know about it!!