just finished my first project a scarf Ideas for next project

I am interested in perfecting my technique. I have knit and pearl down well. What project could I do with these basic stitches?

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A friend of mine worked his way through Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Afghan--I think it starts out pretty basic and then advances to cables and lace and color work by the end. You may want to check it out at your local library, but his skills are really good now. I'm thinking of doing it myself. Since it's all different pieces, it's not too overwhelming and you can feel like you've accomplished something.

Thanks, I was able to obtain an used copy of the book at a local yarn shop. The gentlemen who operates the shop tells me it will be very informative. I think you for the tip!


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KnitPicks has a free scarf pattern called 'columns' that is very nice. I have had several requests to make one for friends and family. I like to use a solid for the columns with a nice variegated for the mosaic blocks, malabrigo or auracana, etc... A google search will turn up the pattern for you, or ask and I'll deliver.

A basketweave design scarf is cool, too. I can offer a pattern online for that, too, if you can't find it through a search.

Otherwise there is not much at all that is more simple than a Noro challenge scarf using two or more different colorways, and very rewarding. That is an easy K1,P1 then P1,K1 rib all the way through, changing colorways after every two rows. The challenge scarf calls for Silk Garden but I have used other yarns with equally striking results.

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You let go of it, it let go of you.

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I just picked up a pattern from my local yarn shop which might suit you. It's pretty simple, but makes a very nice ribbed scarf that lies perfectly flat. It looks especially good with a varigated yarn, I think. The pattern goes as follows: cast on a multiple of 3 stitches + 2 more (e.g., 35, 38, 41, etc.). Slip 1 stitch as if to knit, *K2, P1*, repeat between the *s until 1 stitch remains, K1. Repeat the same pattern for every row. I'm about to start a scarf in this pattern. Or, you could jump in and try something a little more complex, like cables. I just finished my very first project, which was a cabled scarf. It was surprisingly easy, but also very rewarding. I posted a pic of it on here, so have a look if you want.

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BE FEARLESS!! Now that you have the knit and the purl foundation stitches down... really, anything is possible! Browse patterns in books, at the library, online or at your LYS and find one that you LOVE! Then, don't be shy to ask more experienced knitters for help and instruction on the more "advanced" techniques.