Why's it called "frogging"?

I've been curious lately to know why the term "frogging" is used for the painful process of ripping back hours - if not days - of work.  No one I asked knew the answer and then last evening when I was reading "At Knit's End" I came across the following.

Frogging: the act of taking the knitting off the needles and pulling the working yarn to undo the stitches.  This is done to unravel knitting completely or to pull the work out to a point before an error, when the knitting is replaced on needles.  It is called "frogging" because you "rip-it, rip-it."

It is important for knitters to know two things about frogging: that cats are capable of this knitting action, and even seem to enjoy it and seek opportunities to do it; and that foul language is a normal, health accompaniment to frogging, whether it is you or the cat that accomplished the task.

I will allow myself the full expression of human frustration should I have to frog anything.



I've wondered about that term, and decided it must be one of those regional variations in English.  It's not a word I would ever use to describe ripping out my knitting.

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Nothing like us Poms to come up with a term that makes absolutely no sense - it makes me feel so proud!!!

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My understanding is that "frogging" is dirived from having to (rip it... rip it)  ribbit...ribbit. 

And things that are to be eventually ripped out go in the "frog pond"

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