Christmas Fiddle Faddle (with a nod to EZ)

Here are some of the little Christmas ornaments I've been making for my family and friends using (mostly) leftover scraps of wool from other projects. The patterns were all available online for free*, which helps with my very frugal holiday giving in these dark financial times. These are a lot of fun to make too and don't take any time to knit up! None of the miniatures are more than 3 inches long and they are all knit in the round with no seaming -- just tuck in the wool ends and instant Xmas ornament gifts. The sweater is a top-down and I am working on some others with color work and stitch patterning, including cables. Happy Holiday Knitting!

*Do a google search and you will find all kinds of free patterns. I don't have the links any more for these since I've been making them for a few years, but there are lots out there, including things knit flat and seamed up for those who prefer that method.


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What a great collection. I especially like the little mittens.

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Those are really cute, what a great use for leftovers.


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I love these!
I was looking at the sweater ornaments on the Berroco site last week listed unter "minutia", wanting so much to make a few, and knowing I just won't have the time to add any extra new projects before Christmas.
I think we're all blessed to be able to make gifts like these, as well as those who receive them. There's nothing like homemade gifts to really show what the spirit of the season is all about.

Frugal maybe, but right from the heart, and priceless in it's own way :)