No gender biases here, thanks!

As I continued to read the book "At Knit's End", I found an entry that I have to share with everyone here at MWK:

 My theory is that men are no more liberated than women.                              -Indira Ghandhi

I was teaching a children's knitting class in the rear of a toy shop.  Halfway through class a little boy shopping with his mother wandered over and approached an 11-year-old boy happily and expertly knitting a potholder.  "Hey!" he laughed, "boys don't knit!"  "Clearly," said the manly young knitter, "they do."

I will take care not to pass on any gender biases I may have to the next generation.

And, a second one:

We've begun to raise our daughters more like sons...but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.  - Gloria Steinem

For eons women have had the same complaints about men.  They need to slow down, they need to remember things, they should be more patient, and they should pay attention to detail.

Remind me again why we aren't teaching all little boys to knit?

[I thought this was a pretty cool little story.]



I read the story about the boy in the knitting class to my son this morning.  He likes to knit, but is afraid of being made fun of. Trying to get him over that fear, I am trying to show him all the boys and men I can who knit to show him it's cool for men to knit.  And that anyone who would make fun of a boy or a man knitting is CLEARLY not enlightened. So thanks for sharing the story!   Even the kids knitting books  show only one or two boys in a field of girls.  Someone should write a book ...Some guy who knits should werite a book!  


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Well, I remember that entry when I read the book.  The Harlot is a prety cool lady, but very nervous when it comes time to speak before a crowd!  But I like her writings.

However, you need to see what she wrote just a couple days ago, in the midst of a fever, mind you.  She is having some gender issues!!