Trying to Organize a Dallas Mens Knitting Group

Should there be any DFW metroplex men kitters... or if you guys know any that you can send my way.. I'm trying to get one together.  And you know what?  Contacting guy knitters in your area is DARN difficult.  I've already gone through the members list but so far to no avail.

So, I know you are out there and I'm a gonna find ya!




Have you tried the knitters and spinners guilds? ....Also other Dallas knitting sites...women who knit tend to know guys who knit too...I'll check with some of my online friends.  If I find anyone..I'll send them your way! 


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hey, I KNIT and i am in dallas!

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Best of luck Chris! I expect this to be up and running stong the next time I get to Dallas - hopefully within the next 2 years.

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