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Dug into my stash of Shetland wool and found some oatmeal and broom heather. I'm knitting a Scandinavian type hat with a plain hem for extra warmth over the ears. Fun to do. Patterns from Sheila McGregor's "Traditional Scandinavian Knitting".

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Nice pattern Ron, it should make a good hat.

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I attempted to do a gauge swatch for a stranded sweater (in the round, since I would be knitting the sweater that way) and I didn't like the colors for a sweater, so it turned into a nice little hat.

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Actually, it was your sweater that inspired me to do this hat swatch as well. I am going to order these two colours from Scotland and make an all over Fair Isle design. I really like your design and thanks for answering my question about the ribbing.

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That will be beautiful. I find I like color knitting in just two contrasting colors vs. multiple colors- it has a more timeless, clean feel about it as your hat demonstrates. Do you knit stranded with a two-handed technique, and if so, do you find it a problem when using dpns on the cuffs (i.e. the dpns interfering with the left-hand yarn).

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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You know, Albert, I sometimes knit Fair Isle with wool in two hands but more often I find myself knitting with only one - my right hand. I think it is more relaxing and slower for me which I like. I hate to have to rush a knitting project. I also feel my tension is better when I knit with both colours in my right hand. I, too, am liking more and more only two colours in an all over design. This is as traditional as the multi-coloured designs.

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Great looking hat!

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Wonderful stitch color pattern.


*applauds ronhuber and his hat*

I bought a book on fair isle patterns someone recommended on here and this will be a future project for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Wow, truly amazing. Excellent work.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Gorgeous hat! One of these days I'm going to have to do some stranded work.



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Wow, love both the design and colour combination on this. Have you thought about using up lots more of your stash and creating a circular yoked sweater in a similar combination?

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Vackert! (=Beautiful!)