So....What's In Your Knitting Bag?


I just had a night out with my friends who knit.  We were talking about our different knitting bags, and what we carry in them.  There was some pretty funky stuff there!  So....What does your knitting bag look like....and what do you carry in it?

 I currently use 2.  One is black microfibre with a blue "J" embroidered on it.  I use that for travel. My favorite right now is just a lined blue straw totle bag I use in the summer.

Inside I have

  • my current project
  • a small green flowered zip case which contains my tools...scissors, stitch markers, stitch holders..crochet hooks needle sizer etc.
  • Assorted knitting needles
  • hand cream
  • chapstick (who wants chapped lips whilst knitting?
  • Breath Mints (who knows who you're gonna meet?)
  • Assorted Match Box cars (my son's)
  • Assorted childrens books
  • a small travel sized kleenex pouch
  • small container ofdiaper wipes
  • The book "Knitting Lessons" by Lela Nargi
  • Pens, Pencils and Markers
  • A coupleof smashed crackers
  • scrap paper
  • My business cards
  • ALWAYS a bottle of water!


Knit away, knit away

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Warren's picture

Hi Jillie,

I don't have any bags made specifically for knitting.  I store my projects in two canvas drawers that are held in a rolling cart.  David (my partner/husband) gave it to me for Christmas.  I'm finding I need to do something about my growing needle collections.  Just keeping them in their original packaging isn't working out too well.

Since I"m still a beginner, I don't have a whole lot else in the drawers -- stitch markers, scissors, measuring tape, row counter, crochet hooks.  Again, all this stuff is just thrown into the drawers with my current projects, so it's not organized too well. 

hmmmmI know that Peace Fleece has just the needle holders you can buy for $23.00,  but I saw a parrtern somewhere to make one.  I'll dig.  The cartwith canvas drawers sounds great.  What do you do when you want to take your knitting with you?