Cat Ball version 2.0

For those of you who expressed interest in my balls, I present to you the latest incarnation of my cat ball toy!

The pattern that came with my 'learn to knit' kit resulted in a ball toy that is more appropriately called a kitten ball.  Sure, they were popular among my 12 lbs. and 17 lbs. neutered males, but my cats aren't kitties, they're CATS, and big, butch ones at that, so some alteration to the pattern was clearly in order.

I started out adding an additional row of knit 1, invisible increase, repeat and a resulting additional row of knit 2 together, repeat later in the pattern.  The end product was a significantly larger ball, approximately the size of an egg and was very popular with my boys. 

I then decided I wanted to supercharge the catnip delivery system to increase feline enjoyment of my toys. I decided to use smaller needles (#5) and put the catnip right in the ball, instead of in a pouch.  But what was I going to do when the nip went stale or worked its way out between the knits?  I decided to put in a trap door which could easily be unstitched (because it's stitched closed with a different color yarn) and used to introduce fresh catnip to the toy. 

I'm thrilled with my big new balls, as are my boys.  I know the attached picture doesn't really show off the details of the project, but it does hint at the enjoyment my cat has derived.  Note the catnip haze in his eyes.

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So in just a few months you've progressed from a Learn to Knit video to modifying the patterns and designing a trap door.  Plus you've started acquiring yarn because it's on sale and looks nice.  I'd say you're officially hooked! 

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I thought 'hooked' was a crochet expression...


Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Diggin the toys.  It's great to have another "addict" on board although I have now had to block this site from dogs' access lest they expect dad to make them toys.

Great job.  Glad to see you are enjoying knitting.


Excellent. I bet your cats are loving your balls!

I agree with zigzag I think you are now hooked. Just lke the rest of us. Every shop I go to I always look for the yarn section and spend about 20 mins just looking at the different yarns. Steve gets a bit bored I think but I get a bit of a rush looking at the different colours and textures and have to try to convince myself that I actually dont need to have them all. And like yourself I've only been knitting properly for a few months but already hooked. I find myself rushing home from work so I can get more done, I even find myself waking up a bit earlier so I can do some knitting before I have to go to work!

All the best Jeff and enjoy your knitting Laughing