A break from Pi

I had a co-worker ask is I would be able to knit up a nose warmer for his wife. I knew of a pattern off knitty.com and had some leftover yarn from my wife's shawl so I agreed to his request. I was over due for a change from my current shawl project and enjoyed working on something new.

I've already passed on the nose warmer and was happy to find that her nose is now toasty warn in these chilly evenings.

One side note about the shawl. Since my last post I have ripped out 3 attempts to continue with my progress. All of the pattern choices/correction never quite fit the scale of the patterns already in use. I've settled on a simple traveling vine pattern that I'm very happy with, after a minor modification for no other reason but "just 'cause". With the new patten, I ran out of stitch markers and opted to using a clean straw, cut into thin rings. They work quite well and now have an extra dozen or so extra markers.

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Great! Just in time...I was talking to my mother a couple of days ago and she asked me if I could knit a nose warmer for Grandma. "She's always complaining her nose is cold, you should be able to come up with something" all the while I'm thinking "nose warmer? WTF is this crazy old woman blabbering about?" well Grandma is getting a nose warmer now LOL!

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Nose warmer huh? Looks like something out of an old Madonna video... :-)

Cool though! Question about the size though.. does it just cover the nose or is it more like a surgical mask? It looks like the former, but I can't tell for sure.

Grace and Peace,

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This just covers the nose..

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A couple of years ago we made the entire cast of our Dickens Festival noose warmers - which we broke out at the village caroling session. The President got a red white and blue one' the queen, eroyal purple, the villagers red or green (except the finishing school girls who colour coordinated theirs to their outfits and the undertaker - who got a black one)

The patrons always asked where they could buy them 0- we could have sold abunch of them!

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