sock help needed

I am working on my first sock and have finished the cuff and the leg and now need to start on the heel.
I was told to do a short row heel and found some videos on them and I found a method that does not seem difficult at all. But I have some questions

1 - Since I am no 2 circular needles, I know I need to switch and just use one of them. But do I knit/purl a few rows with just the one before I start the short row, or do I start the short row technique right away?
2 - When I am done with the short row and have added back all of the stitches, do I then just pick up the other needle and continue working in the round, or do I need to do something first with the yarn on the other needle?
3 - is there anything else I should know or should be doing? I really don't want to mess these up, they are coming out really good so far.

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I have never knit with 2 circulars but I would think you would only use one on the heel as you are knitting back and forth. I imagine the rest of the sock would be hanging on the other circular. However, check with someone who uses 2 circulars.

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Looking for an expert

Sorry that so many of us have read your posting and you still have no response. It isn't from lack of interest but I suspect that many of us who knit socks use dpns. I can't get my head around how you are working with the two circulars or exactly where you are in the pattern. Its it possible for you to visit your LYS. They may be able to be of much more help seeing the work in front of them. Good luck

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As long as you are working back and forth over the correct number of stitches itr doesn't matter if you use one circ, two circs or three circs - heck , you could use one for each stitch if you wanted.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Thanks, my heel is done. Onto the toes!