My Buddies Scarf

So here is the first and only tease of my scarf exchange fun. I won't tell you who it is for, but I will tell you that it has lots of cables and it is killing me with how slow it is going. I have 36" done now, and I don't feel that I will ever get it done. Other than the time it is taking, I think it is going rather well. I don't have any mistakes, and I have only dropped the first couple stitches five or so times as I attempted to work the first cable.

On another note entirely, yesterday was the Civil War game...and the final score was terribly upsetting. The Ducks destroyed us, and our hopes of going to the Rose Bowl. I was more upset though that I then had to go back to my apartment, which is directly behind the stadium…. It took me over an hour to get there, and I had to walk 10 blocks (no car traffic towards the stadium.) 50,000 disappointed fans is not fun to walk thru, especially when I forgot and grabbed my green jacket (it is the warmest). Nothing like wearing the wrong teams colors while walking past drunk and angry Beavers fans.


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Nice colors, and it looks really soft too. What yarn is it?

Cables must have been popular in the exchange. I put cables on my questionnaire, and my spoilee had cables on his as well. I'm still looking for the perfect yarn, then I'll decide on a pattern. I've got it narrowed down to 4 or 5 patterns, but I'll probably use bits and pieces from various patterns and design my own.

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Cables are manly don't ya know ::grins::

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Please post a different picture. Looking at your booty is shortcircuiting my brain.

That being said, the scarf looks interesting from the back.. Broad stripes, I hope.

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UPDATE: I am almost done, hopefully I will have it done by tomorrow. I am having a problem though. The two colors of yarn I am using will only have a little bit left after I am done with the section (a red one) that I am on. That will put the scarf at just over 60". I will not have enough to make a full set of repeats (I am doing an eight row pattern, six times for each section), but I dont think that I want to make a short section. My buddy said 60-70" was fine...but is 60" a normal length for a scarf? I don't really ever wear them so I have no idea.