New Hampshire Sheep and Lakes Festival.

Well, it's actually the NH Sheep and Wool Festival, but with all the rain we've been having, I think my friend's daughter's renaming of it was most appropriate.

It was great fun, despite the weather. The vendors were there because that's what they do. The serious I-will-see-vendor-X-and-buy-stuff festival goers were there. What's a little (or even a lot of) rain when there's raw fleece to be purchased? I swear these people are descended from Vikings and fleece acquisistion is the 21st century equivalent of looting and pillaging for them. When we dropped off our 4 fleeces, the Zeilinger's trailer was already half full and it was only halfway through the first day.

I bought a lovely silver-grey romney fleece from Elihu Farms, my favorite shepherds, a spindle, some soap, some silk top to spin, a cookie and a small  wooden catapult.

No knitting stuff, well the fleece will eventually be knittable, but it won't even be around to spin till August as it is on its way to Michigan to be washed and carded first.

I wished I'd had a camera, as there was the fatally cute photo opportunity of a small child swathed in an over-large plastic poncho attempting to lead a beautifully groomed sheep through a puddle almost over the top of the child's boots -- Ah 4H kids are such fun! 


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I'm bummed that I missed this! It would have made for a more inspiring weekend! As it was, the rain was a bummer... Thanks for the report. I guess I'll have to wait for the Vermont Sheep & Wool...

There's also the Mass Sheep and Wool, Memorial Day Weekend in Cummington Mass. It's a bit of a hike, being the far side of Northampton. Perhaps we can arrange a car pool?