Men Who Knit Scarf Exchange

Men Who Knit Scarf Exchange.....I'm busy working on my swap scarf......this was my inspiration...(grin)

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Nice pic. That certainly does inspire.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Well that will be the only thing he will be allowed to wear!

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There's an awful lot of room in that scarf- think he's willing to share?

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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What a great cowl! With as wicked cold as it has been the past few days, I wished I owned something like that so I could bury my head in it and keep nice and warm! What a great inspirational piece.

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The cowl looks like there may be room for two, I'm willing to try. I can see how he inspires you.

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Wherever do you find such great photos? Wherever ... keep finding them.

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That would definitely look awful on me. I'm too scrawny to pull something like that off. It would simply envelope me.

But it looks good on him!

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