Howdy all you knitting fella's

Hey guys...

Just wanted to say "HI"

I am a newbie. ( I just started learning how to knit last month) I started a class two weeks ago and just learned the cable knit stich last night in class and I am excited to try it out on a scarf or something...I will keep you updated on the outcome of that...

Well just wanted to say Hi and say that I think you guys have a great community here and I am sure I am going to pick up many useful ideas from all you guys.

Have a great rest of the week...

- Dan -


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It's always nice to see a new member and I hope you find the site and everyone welcoming.

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Hey Dan!

Welcome aboard and good for you for picking up the sticks! 

But you are in a bit of a jam there in Richmond.... you are not north enough to talk like a Kennedy... and not south enough to learn to say "y'all" properly! 

You'll have a good time here


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Welcome welcome. Nice to get to meet another new member. Im sure you will love this site. I've only been a member for a few weeks and already learned so much from everyone on here. All the guys are really friendly and always willing to share tips and give advice.

Hope to be seeing some of your projects soon. Laughing

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Hi Dan -- Welcome, glad to see another guy who's joined the knitting community!  Kudos to you for jumping in and taking a class.


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Welcome!  You have come to the right place . . . . a great bunch of guys that are willing to share their talents and offer a lot encouragement to newbies.