Finished Stuff

Here is a sampling of some things I have done recently.

I do not take good photos so forgive that. I also do not take good notes as far as yarn, needle size etc.

I do know the main photo is a scarf made of 100% silk (Debbie Bliss) and Rowan mohair/silk blend. Feels so soft!

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You've been quite busy. What pattern did you use for the open stitch blue scarf?

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Hey Rob! Wow, you've been working your tail off!! Looks really good. You'll be making some people very happy with those gifts.


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Gorgeous work! You have been busy.



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Very nice :)... wow you are quite productive... I have a sweater laying on the floor as I write ... I write ....cos I am not looking forward to trying to put all the pieces of my sweater together... at the bottom of my glass of wine... I'll find the courage to finish this project off :)
Well done... obviously you don't experience the same anxiety... well done
Istanbul, Turkey


These are all nice pieces of work and the recipients are very lucky. My favourite is the blue openwork scarf. Like Tom, I would like to know the pattern.

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Pretty... Finished projects are the shiznit


Thanks guys. This year, my goal was to make all Christmas gifts (for the immediate family). I enjoyed striving for that.

The blue silk scarf is just:

Even number of sts

yo, k2tog
repeat til one st remains

Repeat the same on the other side.

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Thanks! Couldn't be an simpler to remember.

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Wow! I'll take them all. I particulary like the Cindy shawl.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Lucky receiptients, you've been so busy. Great colours in the Noro.

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They all look great, but I like the purple socks the best.....I would SO wear those! How long did it take you to complete such a large body of work?

It took a few months...about 3 I guess. I quit smoking in June so...that may help explain it!

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I really like the shawls!

...they remind me of a simple triangular version of Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Pelerine" pattern.

I really like them.

You've been busy, I see.

Very productive...

I know what you mean about Christmas...I much prefer to make things as in Maine, people can always use good knit things and are always a great hit at the holidays. Of course, I imagine it's rather similar in Colarado, especially this time of year.

Great job! for taking notes for yarns and needles, etc...just make'em buy two Caron pounders and size 7 36" circulars...ought to be enough, doncha think???



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Wow!! Now that collection is impressive. Who wouldn't like to receive all of those. Great knitting.

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