Weaving in end at the cuff of a sock

Hi Gents-

Here's a question for all the sock knitters here: when making top-down socks, what can be done with the cast-on tail at the cuff?  I knit the tail in for the first several stitches of the cuff, so it's secure, but I haven't had great luck hiding the rest of it. 

Usually (not at the cuff), I weave in the end (as detailed here) then leave an inch or so discretely hanging inside the work.  It eventually felts into place and everything is fine.  However, at the top of the sock, I don't want an inch hanging out, and if I clip the end any shorter, it pops to the outside.  Any suggestions?





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I use this duplicate stitch technique, also.

If you actually follow the stitches, the tail should be pretty stable.  It should stretch and return very much like the yarn it follows, but the end can still pop out on the front side.

If you're very careful to duplicate stitch on the inside of the fabric only, it should be much less likely.  Also, I sometimes move one row up or down after I've woven the tail in for a bit and weave it the other direction for a stitch or two and then back to the original direction for a couple of stitches.  I think it stablizes the tail end of the yarn a bit more so it's not as affected by the stretching...it moves less so it's less likey to pop out.  It seems to work pretty good for me.

I also use the duplicate stitch technique, but after working a few stitches to secure the yarn I then weave the tail vertically along one of the ribs on the inside for a couple of centimeters.  If you're careful it isn't visible from the right side, and it won't come loose when the fabric stretches horizontally.