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hi guys!

- being in central ohio, winters can be pretty windy and cold, but not too snowy. with that said, we have a retired racing greyhound, which is a very short hair breed (historically originating from northern africa) who does not enjoy winter!

I would like to knit a simple jacket for him, but not sure where to begin. greyhounds tend to have strange measurements due to the way they are built - very large chests to support their lung capacity, streamlined, long and narrow with a very tapered waist.

the measurements i have for him are 19" neck (at the base of the neck), 25" from the base of the neck between the shoulder blades to about 1" from the base of the tail, and 31" around the broadest part of the chest (right where his front legs are)

my main problem is in the books i have found he is not a "uniform size" - for example in one book he is a L at the neck, an XXL at the length, and an XL around the chest.

so - with those measurements - does anyone know where i can find a simple (1 or 2 colour) pattern designed specifically for a greyhound? i also wouldn't mind if there was some sort of cabling to it.


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thanks Fuzzed!

i really like the first one - it's pretty solid looking! if i don't find another one i like, i may give this one a shot

the 2nd and 3rd are the same item, just on different websites!

and the 4th is for an italian greyhound - many people unfamiliar with the distinction between a greyhound and an italian greyhound make this mistake. an italian greyhound is a miniature breed (to which i have found way too many patterns for!!!!) that weighs in at 8-15# and stands ~13-15" tall - a real greyhound is usually between 60-85# and stands ~27-30" tall

making good progress on this project - used the pattern in the first link above. i have ~18 rounds left in the chest gusset, bind that off, then working flat for the body and chest panel... hopefully this project will be finished in a few weeks!

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Don't know if you're registered on Ravelry, but there's a great pattern called the Darling Darby Sweater that's extremely good. It's based on your dogs actual measurements and you can apply any variation for patterns and color.

I have two miniature pinschers that not proportioned for sweater patterns for small or medium sized dogs and this pattern has really been a God send. There's also a forum for the pattern in which you're actually able to communicate with the designer.

Give it a try. I think you'll have success.