Blocking works miracles

I knit this last year for my son; I had to anticipate his growth to make it worthwhile. It fit him correctly only after washing and blocking (duh!). The only way to get the photo was to feed him; this kept him somewhat still for a second. I used Lamb's Pride superwash wool, which pills a lot, but is soft. The cable is "Coin cable" from Barbara Walker. I got the shape of the sweater by measuring a sweatshirt that was very large on him; I knew that it would take me a year to knit it, since I tend to knit sporadically. I'm happy with the results, especially because he says he'll wear it.


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Beautiful job and great color! Are the sleeves done in seed stitch- it's hard to tell on the photo?

Veni, vidi, kniti.

Thanks for the compliments. The sleeves are in plain stockinette. But I'm planning to make a similar sweater for his brother, so I'll consider seed stitch a suggestion for that sweater.