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Welcome to the group of us who have problems uploading pictures on this site, our numbers are many. I eventually gave up and just upload them to my Photobucket account and post those links. Great looking sweater, good color on him too.

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Nice sweater! You can always upload the pictures as attached files and they show as links below your post. That's nice for people who are on slower connections, too because then they have the option of NOT looking at them. (Pictures can take FOREVER to appear on your browser)

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Beautiful sweater! It looks great on your son.



It is a job well done! Someday I too will graduate to sweaters.

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Oh I see now, it is the Coin cable sweater (post w/o the picture helped). I was wondering what it was as I am attempting to pick out a pattern for my second sweater. Hopefully this one will actually fit the intended person.

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Beautiful colour, and texturing in the sweater is gorgeous!

It encourages me to remain patient with the cabling, and maybe, just maybe, someday I can get my cables to turn out just as beautifully.