Blocking done and items shipped

Thanks to all, especially Tallguy, for your support during my blocking ordeal. Everything turned out beautifully.

Unforunately, I was exhausted and only able to get this one blurry picture off before passing out cold, and my wife wrapping everything up. I don't think you can really tell, but there are 3 Irish Hiking Scarves, 1 Liesel scarf, 1 Wisp (from Knitty), 1 Faux Spanish Lace shawl, 1 big red shawl with a zig-zag lace pattern, and 2 One-Row Handspun Scarves (from Yarn Harlot), although neither of those was actually done with anything handspun. I'm including a request for a picture of the recipient modeling his or her gift with each present, so hopefully someone with better camera skills than I have will provide me with something further to post.

Now, only four more to go by New Year's, and I'll finally have everything done!


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Wow, everything looks great! How long did it take to make all those?


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Cripes! You give new meaning to the term "knitting machine". Lovely work.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

Thank you both. I don't know about a "knitting machine", as I've had at least one project, and usually much more than that, on the needles since July. So I don't get quite so rushed at the end again, I think I'll start next Christmas now!

The only real downside is that with so many projects going at once, I didn't take part in either of the scarf exchanges, and should there be a third one, I may be tired of knitting scarves, as cool as the exchanges have seemed to be. Boo!

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Goodness! You have been busy! Everything looks wonderful.

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An impressive body of work. I am honoured that there is a "faux Spanish" in the mix, and hope the recipient adores it.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation