Garter time

I’m going to be making a scarf for a friend with a stitch pattern they really fancy. My question is due to the nature of the edges curling, do you guys think a three stitch garter edge on both sides is enough to stop curling?



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What's your gaguge? I usually try for about a half inch or slightly more on the edge.

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It sounds like 3 to 5 stitches should be fine...But I'm not a garter stitch fan...You can always do a seed/moss stitch, or something else interesting, that still wont take away from the pattern.

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I'm with Jaredsfa, seed/moss stitch would be a lovely pattern for the edges of a scarf. I hope your project goes really well.

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I personally don't like seed stitch much...just a preference I guess. I like garter or moss over seed stitch.


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Have you already tied the pattern without any border around it? Some patterns do not require them, they just dont curl.

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I have to agree with Andrew try a bit of the pattern 6 inches and see if it does not curl!

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I like the moss stitch idea. All of you gave me a lot to think about. I think I will try a sample pattern swatch to see how the pattern works with and without the moss stitch. I love the yarn I got its alpaca and cuddly soft!

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I've just completed a scarf with a one-inch border of seed stitch (which I like) all around -- but it has caused the interior pattern to buckle a bit. That is, the seed stitch "frame" is a little tight for the pattern. I'm hoping that blocking will even things out. -John