Good news

A few things that I'm excited about today:
1) I found out that I made all As and Bs this semester, even though I was worried about some of my classes. This means I get to continue to keep the HOPE scholarship. It also means that I NEVER have to take german again. Also, the 'rents will be happy.
2) I am actually going to finish my Christmas presents in time. I'm halfway done with my last project, which I will finish tonight, and I'll be giving them all away tomorrow night.
3) After Christmas, I will be selling some knitted projects. The gift store where my bf works sells lots of crafty things, and I spoke with the owner yesterday, and will be selling some hats and scarves etc as soon as I can get them knit after Christmas.



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Congrats! That's great to hear! :)

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Congratulations, you should be proud! Good luck with the sales.



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Congratulations. I am sure you earned it all. Let us know how you find knitting and selling your work.

That all sounds wonderful Thomas. What a nice bunch of "presents!"

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Congratulations on your exams.

You've certainly earned plenty of knitting time! You'll need it when you start selling things.


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-Got some pictures of my Christmas projects up on ravelry.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Great News and you did a Great job oon the projects!