i was given one skein, 3.5 oz, 1093 yds, of hand painted silk super fine finger weight yarn. i wanted t make some lace, but wondered how much is needed for a shawl. it looks like i might need to use 1 or 0 needles, or i could double strand it and go up to maybe 2s.


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I did a rectangular shawl that's approximately 60" X 32" and it took between 1500 and 1600 yards of laceweight wool. The pattern was pretty open and "holey". I used US3 needles for this pattern.

Here's a picture if it helps:

[img_assist|nid=7555|title=Celestine Shawl|desc=Fine Laceweight Shawl|link=popup|align=left|width=200|height=129]

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Remember- lace is often done on larger (sometimes MUCH larger) needles then if you were doing regular knitting with the yarn. It depends on the look you desire and the pattern.

I am currently knitting a pi shawl using jonland harmony on 5mm needles. harmony runs 880 yards per 50 gm - which is quite a bit finer then yours.

Several years ago I did a stole using 5mm needles and a yarn that was roughly equivilant of the stuff you have.

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thanks. i think i'll be fine then and i can always switch for edges if i want i bigger

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If really like to knit a lace stole. Ann Anderson just relessed really great lace pattern called "Palimpsest".
I also bought this pattern and planning to knit after finshing my sweater. The pattern is easy..just has alot of YO(yarnover) in total 112 cast on. The pattern called 1100 yard also it's long can less the lace pattern one or two rows.

Check out the pattern HERE:

at "KnitSpot" Palimpsest Stole

Also check out her lace pattern at:


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thanks. good idea

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Just my 2 cents worth - Lace can cover a lot of ground. (No pun intended.) I started with a Pi Shawl and went with a bigger needle. If you use a pattern with lots of holes, that helps stretch the mileage of the yarn. The good thing about the Pi Shawl is that you can always end it when you want. Another option is finding a coordinating yarn that will go well with the primary, using it to do bands of color or, conversely, make a nice contrasting edging. Either way, enjoy your wonderful gift. Books, knitting, cats...Life is Good.

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