Tight for Christmas

Since money is so tight this year; slow sales in the pottery business, I solicited friends and relatives to send me skeins of there favorite yarns. That way I get to be creative and give wonderful gifts.
Happy Holidays!


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are you taking the skeins that you got from each friend and relative and making something just for them as a gift (using their materials and your talent?) - that's a great idea! -



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Thanks for the responses guys. As far as someone choosing a difficult novelty yarn, I would specify a small project, hat, scarf, etc and really be into the challenge of putting my personality into it. One can always add a little glitz to a funky yarn as well. Last year I made a few really out there hats with spiky extensions and the like. Friends loved um!
Best Wishes for a truly illuminated Holiday, Junayd

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What I like most about that idea is that one doesn't continue to accumulate "stuff." With a large family, we're very mindful of how many belongings we have that sit around much of the time and never get used. A skein of yarn would not doubt get some use and then get passed along to another recipient. I still marvel at the response of many people, "Wow, you made this?!!?" They always say it as if they believe everything in the world just shows up at Wal-mart as if all by itself.


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I like that idea a lot, but I'm always scared that a relative would pick a crazy novelty yarn that I don't really care to knit with.


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Thank you for sharing this excellent idea, and a wonderful way to personalize their gifts sure to please each recipient. Truly gifts from the heart.

I'll definitely have to keep this in mind for next year, whether or not things improve here too.

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That is a great idea!