New Year Focus

With Christmas now a recent memory... I have informed my Most Beloved that he will suffer no more with his year old acrylic knitted goods! It's time that I stopped projects for seemingly everyone else and focus on items for he and I.

Inspired by my proclamation, he bought me 3 hanks (450 yds) of 6-ply, 100% Mongolian Cashmere from Jade Sapphire in the colorway "Cashouflage". He wants a wide scarf and a set of half-finger gloves. When I started knitting up the scarf - of his own design, might I add - I realized that the 450 yds was not going to go very far so I ordered another 3 hanks!

While I had the Jade Sapphire website up, I asked him what other colorways he might like... and so I also got 2 hanks of the "Film Noir" colorway that he would like a pair of cashmere socks out of.

I also picked up the "Cashmere Scarf For Him" bag of 4 hanks (300 yds) of 12-ply 100% Mongolian Cashmere also from Jade Sapphire in the colorway "Five O'Clock Shadow" so he can have a second, thicker scarf to wear as needed.

All in all, in less than a few days, we purchased some 1500 yds of cashmere. It's a good thing we decided not to buy holiday presents this year to save money! HA!

I am also knitting up a pair of the half-finger gloves "Knucks" from using the yarn gifted to me in the MWK Scarf Exchange (Version One). It's Noro Silk and it matches my luxe scarf that I got! They are coming along nicely.

In the middle of working three 12-hour shifts in a row... so no real time for pictures. Will be sure to post on Saturday afternoon after I get some sleep!

Looking forward to a wonderfully prosperous 2009 for all of us.


TomH's picture

Sounds like you did very well is stash acquiring.

Thomasknits's picture

I'm def jealous of the awesome yarns.


MMario's picture

Now if you celebrated the old time 12 days of Christmas (Dec 26th thru January 6th) ......

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

Thomasknits's picture

That would be so awesome. (So many people think that the 12 days of Christmas are the ones before Christmas... too bad they're wrong).