Trinity Stitch

Hi All

New member, old knitter, out here on the east coast of Canada

I decided to reignite my old cabling addiction and have cast on the Burridge lake Aran to get my hand back in - lots of cables and bobbles.

However, the trinity stitch is doing my head in - does anyone have a decent technique for purling 3 stitches at once? The best that I can to that doesn't end up with me slamming the lot back into the basket it to purl it onto my thinner cable needle then slip the stitch onto the right hand main needle - but its a pain....

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Maybe if the problem is that the purls are too tight to go through all at once, you might try to purposefully make those stitches looser on the previous row? I knit a tad on the tight side, so I can see that it would be annoying to purl three at once.
Otherwise would you be able to substitute with a slip, purl 2 together, pass slipped stitch over? It would probably change the trinity stitch some, but it might be comparable?


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I encountered a purl 5 tog stitch recently and the only way I could save my sanity was to make them looser on the previous row. It was a bugger of a stitch.

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Thanks guys

I decided to unravel, drop down a needle size and recast on as the 4mm needles I use have sharper points.

I've just knitted up a swatch of trinity and it seemed much easier to p3 tog


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Slip 2 purlwise, p1, psso

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That works great - thank you