Christmas Day Unraveling

Many thanks to Doug (aka Parrot), my first scarf exchange spoiler, who knit me THE perfect length scarf. Yesterday (day 1 of my 12 days of Fiber) I was inspired to re-do several scarves that I made over the past few years that were too long. So, while the Best Beloved and I sat on the sofa watching episodes of the BBC's Robin Hood, then Night at the Museum, then The Godfather, I unraveled two very long scarfs, and then cast them off again. So pleasing! I know actually have enough yarn from the two of them to knit two matching hats.

Today I will work on another scarf that I'm doing in entrelac. I think it's almost finished - entrelac tends to bunch up a bit so I'm not quite sure how long it will be when wet and flat. This weekend I hopefully will have eaten through most of the piles of goodies stacked on the dining room table, so I can bring out the Bond knitting machine and set that up.

I hope all you are having a wonderful holiday season!

Jonathan in DC


Thomasknits's picture

Entrelac is so much fun...and is also really annoying at the same time. Anyone else feel the same way?
It's def a cool thing to be able to re-size knitted items... Even ones that were machine made originally.