More Socks & Knitting Commandments

Here are my latest socks made with Regia Landscape “Earth”. They were done 2 at a time on 2 circulars. I again bought my yarn from KiwiJames’ new website.

I have four commandments in my knitting universe:

1. I shall have absolutely no stash. Any left-over yarns are given away.

2. I shall have no projects in the queue. I don’t buy yarns and patterns to have waiting until I’ve finished my current project.

3. I shall have no UFO’s. Any project which is begun will be finished (no matter how awful it ends up being).

4. I shall have only one project on the needles at the same time.

So far, these have served me well. But, now I find it’s time to break the commandments and all because of my addiction to stranded knitting.

First, I am saving all the Shetland knitting wools which are left-over from my stranded knitting. I am going to challenge myself beyond all hope and design my own colour jumper.

Second, I love to pick up my knitting in the odd spare moment. I’m not a fast knitter but I’m a dedicated knitter and if I utilize down-time during the day I can get much knitting accomplished. But, I find that stranded knitting doesn’t lend itself easily to being picked up, a bit knitted and then put down again. Those of you who do stranded knitting will understand how much effort is involved to pick up the two different colour strands, find the place in the pattern, correlate it to the stitches on the needle, get the pattern into one’s head and once all this has been done, there is only a small amount of time to knit and then it’s time got to get back to whatever is happening (cooking, guests, work clients, etc). So, I’ve decided to keep a second project going which is a pair of socks. I can pick up and put down socks very easily as they require little concentration. This also works when I’m watching a DVD or visiting with guests.

So, now I’ve got a lovely Fairisle jumper on the needles and a second project of socks in progress, too. So far, this past month I’ve been able to make progress on the jumper and do 2 pairs of socks. I think this transgression of the commandments won’t send me straight to Hell but rather has taken me to a higher Knitting Heaven.


albert's picture

This is not a surprise to those of us who have watched your knitting evolution from early on. I've wondered where you would be going next. The socks look like fun, but I am addicted to sweater knitting as I consider the sweater to be the canvas par excellance for the knitting art.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

Kerry's picture

Nice socks Jesse.

I always keep a sock on the needles so I'll have something simple to knit at the Sunday afternoon Courthouse Pub group (see Ravelry if you are in it). I used to take lace or patterned things but got fed up with unpicking them when I got home.

ronhuber's picture

Nice socks, Jesse. Glad you are bending the rules because having a pair of socks on the needles is so comforting. I always use left over Shetland by making multi- coloured square shawls. I start with 8 stitches on four needles and then increase at the four corners every other row. Always useful.

Thomasknits's picture

Awesome socks. I would never be able to abide by your commandments.


RareSteek's picture

Lovely socks. In fact I knit the exact same colourway. Kaffe Fassette yarn, Regia right? There is a pic of mine on my blog I believe. lol



TomH's picture

I can appreciate your commandments. Mine are similar but I do have a little stash.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Nice Resolutions, I always like to have more than one project at a time, but definitely will finish thge ones I have started. I am working on it lol!

Thanks for sharing with us.

daveballarat's picture

Great socks... I haven't tried knitting any yet... it's on the 'to do' list ... but first I have a jumper/sweater to finish ... I was tempted to take it on the plane from Istanbul to Melbourne... I was sure to finish it but ... it is mid summer in Melbourne so thought not ... in truth ... I'm a bit of a coward... closet knitter... though I did talk about knitting with my family here ... so I am out to them :)

I am looking forward to doing socks soon ... though I have a confession, I just bought some woollen socks at the local market ... so socks isn't on my priority list for now...

keep up the good work

Istanbul, Turkey


RareSteek's picture

Although I admire the awful discipline required to live up to your four rules; and, although there are times I wish I had your steely resolve, I confess that I sadly fall short in living up to your commandments. OFten I wish I could do so, but alas it is simply not to be. I am one of those knitters who is always anticipating projects three and four places down the queue; and, I even buy great quantities of yarn just because it has caught my fancy. I have bins of it around the house, good stuff, so much that every once in a while I go through it just to remember what is there. I find it both embarrassing and comforting at the same time. :-)

I also admit to being a fibre-porn addict, not being able to go by a lys without 'having a look' (translate: copping a feel, and eventually succumbing to the siren call of a flirty alpaca, a lascivious merino, or the wink of a salacious silk.) If I could respectably roll naked in it, I probably would.

I also always have 3 or 4 (or more) projects on the go. One that is complicated and tricky for those times I can concentrate, one mindless, for meetings and idle chatter times, one small (usually a sock) and easy to tote around, one with colour-work, and then a few just because I felt like trying them. Eventually they all get done, although I confess it may be even a year or two after commencing.

So, although I find your resolve quite awe inspiring, I am afraid I would be swiftly excommunicated from your church. But then, luckily, even in knitting, there are various denominations and expressions of faith, but one god. :-)