First Craft show

Getting excited about being in my first craft show this Monday, December 13th from 6pm to 9pm at Mugshots Coffee House.  Planning on selling hats and scarves, so I have been knitting feverishly the past two weeks.  Madame de Farge would be proud of me.

Haven't done this before, so I am working on my detachment skills so I can just accept whatever the end result is.


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How'd the craft show go?

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Sorry it has taken me so long.  Not always on the pc and getting used to navigating a blog.  Sold some of the hats, and got a good idea of what people were responding to regarding the scarves.  Not a traditional craft show customer base, so I think they found the scarves a bit out of their price range.  But I got a good idea of which ones they fancied. 

My sisters and neices and brother in laws took quite a few off my hands.  Otherwise I would be doing a dance of Salome all around my apartment.

Will be teaching an improvisational hat workshop January 30th at my local yarn shoppe in Philadelphia (Rosie's Yarn Cellar).  Looking forward to it.  Have to use bulky weight yarn for the workshop just so they can get a hat completed in the 4 hour time frame and using a yarn that the store sells (Jamieson Bulky).  I prefer knitting hats out of a worsted/sport/ weights using left overs from stash.  Much more creative and I will have several of them on hand.

Was in SF last January hitting several of the yarn establishments - Art Fibers, Imagiknits and Urban Knitter.  Hope to make it back in 2005 - a relaxing city to wander around it and knit, drink coffee etc.  But first I need to get back to full time employment.  Which is a long story. 

Be well and be creative.  Sorry for being so tardy in responding.