Blue / Orange Scarf . . . In Progress

Thanks for the interest that several of you have shown in my first dyed scarf project.  Several have requested a pic of the scarf, albeit in progress, to show the colors and how the orange is playing into the colors.  So . . . attached is a pic of what has been done so far (only about 12 inches thus far; the total length will be 60 inches).  There is no special pattern; just simple 5 X 7 rib; 100% Brown Sheep wool, worsted weight, knit on #8 needles.  I hope the colors show well on your monitor.

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Hi Parrot!


I think your scarf is cool!  I like those orange zig-zags!

Have a good time 

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Thanks, Ben.  I want to see your projects sometime too, when you get some done.  I'm sure they will be very nice, too.

Doug  (Parrot)

Oooohhhhhhh! Yummmy. I love the way it's coming out in a zigzag.


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Parrot! It's awesome! The colors work really well together, and it's making a great pattern.  Congratulations!!!

I love it!  Lots of subtle color variation, and the orange is showing up in a fabulous irregular wave.  I think this yarn was a happy accident indeed.

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*That* is going to make an absolutely lovely scarf. 

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Hi Parrot, The colors are just great. Just wish I had the will and incentive to learn to dye. Here in Oz it seems nobody does their own dying, at least I haven't come across them, so I have no one to turn to for some practical advice. Your results were certainly worth the effort.

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It's a great look!


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Doug, it is really cool how your scarf is turning out.  I can't wait to see the finished project!