My llama and Merino Yarn i'm spinning and spun

hi guys i know haven't post a blog in a while......... this Christmas i decided to get myself my own present..... so i got myself a babe spinning wheel... i receive my wheel on Christmas eve and i have use it christmas day, and this wee...... i have fallen in love this wheel...... yes at first i have to get comfortable with using it and learn how to spin with it.... but i figure it's the same way i spin with a spindle so there's nothing too it and it wasn't.......... here are some picture of what i'm doing and spun

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Your yarn looks great, Rome! Is that white yarn the llama? Looks like you've caught onto wheel spinning really fast.

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it is some merino yarn i think..... the fiber came with the wheel

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Very cool wheel! The yarn looks great.



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thank you so much...... i'm having alot of fun with it also