Knit a couple Pearl a couple.

I haven't made any beanies in a couple years. The ones I used to make would have the bottoms that rolled up. I have a bunch of people who want one, but dont like the rolled bottom. I have been working on one all day and can't seem to get the ridge bottom to work. I will knit a couple and then pearl a couple. I have started over at least 5 times cause I just cant seem to get that to work for me.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or ideas.


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Definitely the London Beanie
It has a simple ribbing at the bottom so it does not roll up. It's a favorite among my brothers, friends, uncles and dad too.

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Whatever you cast on even number, you can 2x2 do 3x3 ribbing (knit2, Purl2 around) depend on whet number you cast on. Most time about 1 inch of bottom that could help you not to rolled bottom of the hat. For example, if you cast on 114 or 126 (I like fine gauge) I knit with size 3 needle. I do rib 3x3 but most worst weight yarn 2x2 rib will be fine!

Hope this working for you!


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For 2X2 ribbing, make sure your cast on is divisible by 4. If you want, you can do 1X1 ribbing and you'd need a number divisible by 2, or for 3X3 you would need a number divisible by 6.


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This is my absolutely mostest favorite hat pattern in the whole world

I have made about a million of them. The decreases on the top are perfectly crown shaped. If you use the basic formula, you can do anything. I'm a tight knitter, so I usually cast on 108 instead of her recommended cast on. When you get to the decreases you just divide into fourths. Sometimes I knit more ribbing so it can fold up. Sometimes I add a fair isle band. You can knit more rows before you start the decreases to you can make a slouchy hat.