No clue what I am going to do

So my second and final adventure into lace (at least for a while) is this pattern from like the last one. This is for my other Grandmother. I have a problem though, I tried to block it and the pins kept ripping out of the backing. What should I be using to back these things so I can block them properly? The picture is after my first attempt at blocking it, I know I need to do it again. I have to love the loops around the edge, they are my second attempt to crochet since about 15 years ago (remember I am not yet 25.)


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Nice job on the whole piece...including the crochet bind-off.

Personally, when I block lace, I just put a towel down on my guest bed and pin it directly into the get a tighter blocking, I sometimes have to point the pins toward the center of the doily so that they don't pull out.

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Beautiful lace. I feel for your blocking problem. I think blocking right is almost as important as the knitting. Everything you knit looks so much better after it is properly blocked. It is worth the investment in a blocking board. I covered mine with plastic to protect it and it stays in perfect shape. Also get plenty of t pins. i would say every loop should be held so that it evenly blocks.
You can google blocking boards and will find a few.
good luck

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Joe's suggestion of the guest bed always works, well unless your guest bed is a water bed. LOL

What a lot of the lace knitters in our Knitting Guild use, rather than commercial blocking boards, are those interlocking foam blocks made for children's playrooms. HERE is a link to them in the ToysRus web site, but I'm sure you can find them at discount or close out stores for less. This also has the advantage of easy storage when you are done blocking.

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Is that a particular pattern? It looks really cool.


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The pattern is called Hilde I think.

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Jane/ of the most obsessed lace knitters I know uses a lace blocking frame (I think there's a technical term for it that I forget). Here's a link to a blog post of hers where she uses it to block some of her unbelievable lace.